Instant Fat Reduction using 3D-Lipo Cavitation Ultrasound Waves

Instant Fat Reduction

Body confidence is key, and men are no different to women. With Cavitation Treatments, incredible results can be obtained for those who have up to 25 – 30 pounds, or less to lose. Ultrasound Cavitation is ideal for those who have tried to shift their stubborn fatty bulges with diet or exercise and are aiming for a smoother and more balanced shape. Within a matter of days, you will see a marked improvement to your squidgy bits. We recommend that you have a course minimum of 8 weekly sessions followed by a break of up to 4 weeks to allow your body to recover. The course can then be repeated to achieve your desired effect.
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  • Male "Middle workout" Bespoke package

    Package includes: 8 weekly sessions of Cavitation, instant fat reduction on the Abdomen & Hips Plus a bespoke combination of the following technologies chosen by your therapist: Cryolypolysis- Fat freeze (pockets fat) HIFU- High intensity focus ultrasound (deeper fat pockets) RF- Radio Frequency, Skin tightening and Shockwave- Breaks down fat & smooths Skin. Worth up to £1630 when booked separately

  • Bute Bespoke Body Maintenance

    Middle age spread can creep up on us all, so we have designed a package to treat the most common problems: Increased fat on the Abdomen & Hips and loose Skin. Your package will include: Cryofreeze on Tummy or Hips, 8 weekly sessions of Cavitation on the Abdomen & Hips, plus RF Skin tightening. Followed by 10 monthly top up sessions worth a total of £1750


Fat Reduction

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Target and destroy fat at a deeper level, ideal for larger areas of fat reduction.

Cavitation, 3D-Ultimate Pro Fat Reduction is an instant fat reducing treatment, ideal of those stubborn areas on the male body that people often shy away from discussing. Here at Bute House, our qualified friendly and professional team can provide the highest standards of excellence when proving this phenomenal treatment, making you feel more body confident with no anaesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no downtime its a risk free alternative to liposuction.

How does Cavitation work?

Cavitation uses an ultrasound wave to disrupt the membrane of the fat cell. The ultrasound wave creates a vibration within the fat layer, the cells become fragile with this vibration and will start to break down. The broken-down cells are then passed through the liver and kidney and excreted through the urine, completely disposing of the fat cell. Visible results can be seen after just one treatment session and will continue to work over the course of 8 weeks.


  • - Cost-effective alternative to surgery 
  • - Allows you to contour your body 
  • - Pain-free with zero downtime 
  • - Target specific areas 
  • - Noticeable results, seen instantly
  • - Ideal for larger areas such as Abdomen & Hips  

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